Welcome to the celebrities behind the individual brands. They are real people or virtual VIPs that collaborated with our designers to bring you incredible brands. 



Our first celebrity and designer is Anastasiia Masiutkina, Elle style Awards 2017, the creative soul behind the AMA project.

Which, in her words, is not just an ordinary bag, but "the bag". A must-have with a strong personality, a timeless model, able to cross unchanged the shot-lived seasons of modern style. AMA is a bag really thought for female everyday needs, where beauty meets practicality. Anastasiia wanted to express her character in a unique bag, starting from her memories and dreams when, as a child, she was fascinated by the glamour of evergreen vintage models.

AMA is a bag made in Italy but with a Ukrainian soul, which tells a unique story in its style. It is not a brand, it’s a bag. AMA derives from Anastasiia's wish for a personal accessory, emotionally designed to fit her soul. What she really wants is to offer each woman this “a-porter dream", a stylish passe-partout created to be a unicum in the fashion world, because generated by love, bound to last forever as only great loves can do.

“Carry the love through the years” of a bag.